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released May 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Deconstructing Sequence Taunton, UK

After split-up of Northwail the ways of Extreme Progressive Art continue under a new name: Deconstructing Sequence performs music inspired by extreme metal bands (i.e. Emperor, Akercocke), progressive and avantgarde groups (i.e. Dodheimsgard, Aborym ) and post-rock music (i.e. God is an Astronaut), creating a mix of technique, atmosphere and brutality that we like to call EXTREME PROGRESSIVE ART ... more

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Track Name: Departure Of The Stellar Fleet Marks The Year One
So here we are.. at the Year One
Starting over, searching for a new home world
A place for us to prosper
To propagate our will
To wake up with the sight of a new horizon
With sun rising over it just like before
But giving light warmer and brighter
Our stellar fleet never stops
Listening to the haunting sounds of the deep space
Lured by odd voices of alien worlds
Enchanted by delicate tingling of astral anomalies
The song is never complete
Star after star
Drifting through nebulas
From the outer regions to the axis and the core

The stellar fleet roams
Coming from nowhere
From coldest place you’ve ever seen
There were nothing there
Just dried dead tree
In an empty scorched place
Devoid of light
Darkness consumes your mind
Burns out your heart
What we are searching for
We don’t know
There is just this faint image implanted in us
By hope and desire to say something more
To make the difference
Future unknown
Blessed or destroyed
The path is open…

Winter is coming…

The destination doesn’t matter as much as the road itself
We are on the journey beyond what was known before
Beyond boundaries set by those we dared to oppose in desperate act of rebellion
We set our minds and hearts free and left rot of the Earth behind

I remember… that cold dawn in October
Both you and I should see it coming, but we wished to remain blind
We remained mute as swans as we let go of each other’s hand
Both of us knew you had to let me go to the stars with them
United we fell apart

Gathered on the orbit
There’s no turning back
Engines are ignited
Protocols are set
Fighting Earth’s gravity
We push forward
No remorse in hearts
Determined not to fail again

Passing moons and planets
Through the Oort’s cloud
Set to new direction
Without looking back
Steel giants march on
Released into nightsky
Passing stars and black holes
Leaving all this shit behind

Will we survive this?
The answer unknown
Is the path right?
Has it ever been?
Where are the answers?
To questions that burn
Does anybody hold them?
Is it all worth it?
Doubts strike
Or should we retreat?
Hide like rats
Maybe we’re wrong
Who knows that?
But we are moving on

Ripping time and space we are in no way to retreat
The course is set to the nearest solar system
Going back is giving up and giving up is submitting our heads to the cold axe of numbness.
Track Name: Enmazed In White Heavenly Stronghold Of The Cyberangel
I’ve been stargazing for too many years
Enmazed in white heavenly stronghold of the cyberangel
Drawing paths between the stars
Joining them and rearranging
With mind travelling the nebulas
And splitting timespace in two
But it was always safer to remain the same

Jet propulsion engine failing
Pressure levels are declining
Imminent core matter collapse
Shade of defeat is in relapse
No hope is left in this place
I am due to freeze in the dark space

“Black hole gravity impact increasing”
Switching all systems to emergency mode
“Plasma flux at maximum capacity”
Initiating escape protocols
“Secondary engines at 60%”
Maximum momentary power mode on
“Hull integrity at 40% and falling”
I’ll die!

The true inside, no devil, nor angel - human
Imperfect and seeking, mind in motion
(We are) gathering of stars, pale lights on a journey
through galaxy and dark between, seeking answers, fueled by pain

Bred from the central entity
We are perfect as one
Vision transforms unaware
Dimensions fall torn apart

Let go of yourself
Total under steering
Complete loss of will

Now I am trapped in place familiar
Teethgrinding hard
Losing my will, losing control
Losing a point to be

Just let go..
let it drag you
Don’t even try to fight
Surrender humanity

Bred from the central entity
We are perfect as one
Vision transforms unaware
Dimensions fall torn apart

Cyberangel - master and oppressor
Accepting your will to many times
Led my ship to perish

No way to escape this sacred place
I’ve gone too far
Lured by promises of no need of trying
I wanted it all

“Now you fool you’ve harvest the fruit of your blind idolatry
Submit your matter to be destroyed in the central entity
The choir mourns for you “

Open full throttle
And reverse to Black Hole now!

Fuck this fate, rip the cage of your mind and see
There is no way to be free and feel released
Other than taking it as it is, sculpting it

The destructive force can be used in your advance
Just shift the vector, embrace things lost behind
Brace yourself, take deep breath, focus sight, take your chance now!

Without knowing your odds
Take a leap of faith
Being destroyed is better than being stalled, so push forward!