A Habitable World Is Found

from by Deconstructing Sequence

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First song taken from "Access Code" EP 2014


Four thousand years on the way to find new home
Journey across the ocean of stars
Sacrifice of strength and will
Faith in worlds that lay ahead
As years go by paradigms shift
Nothing is familiar anymore

Cold scented walls of this spaceship tomb
Are my curse
Are my home
Fiddling with death too many times before
Thinking I can be the one
To survive enmazed in core
And all the wonders being promised
Made me believe in salvation star
An astral body of perfect bright
Casting through vacuum to nourish life

Approaching habitable zone
New course at 5-3-0-9
Course correction -10 degrees
Course correction completed
Preparing to take a stationary orbit
Multiple solar flares detected
Environmental scanners activated
Oxygen readings normal
Surface temperature 12 Celsius degrees
Planet seems habitable

Starfields so far away
Pale dots outside the glass
And now the greatest warmth comes
From the yellow bringer of
Life inside me

Landing pod engaged
Preparing communication check
All protocols online
Preparing communications checks
Landing pod report
Mothership, this is landing pod power levels are nominal, preparing system check
Landing pod this is mothership we hear you loud and clear,
Report on basic life support systems
Oxygen flow nominal
Both tanks at 100%
Air filtering nominal
Hull integrity at 100%
Landing pod you are clear to go
Prepare for launching
3.. 2.. 1.. engage

Landing pod can you read me, what’s your status?
Mothership we are undertaking basic atmospheric readings
Analysis in progress
Oxygen level normal
Air composition earth-like, breathable
No biological contamination detected
Ultraviolet radiation index at 4.5
Mothership I think this is it
I confirm, a habitable world is found
I repeat, a habitable world is found

This is chapter two
Just another stage of exile
With our message left behind
Infrasonics telling stories of the worlds
Audible noise carrying sounds from unknown


from Access Code, released July 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Deconstructing Sequence Taunton, UK

After split-up of Northwail the ways of Extreme Progressive Art continue under a new name: Deconstructing Sequence performs music inspired by extreme metal bands (i.e. Emperor, Akercocke), progressive and avantgarde groups (i.e. Dodheimsgard, Aborym ) and post-rock music (i.e. God is an Astronaut), creating a mix of technique, atmosphere and brutality that we like to call EXTREME PROGRESSIVE ART ... more

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